Thank-you so much for your donation to my work and vision, whether that’s my work with animals or my creative works like books and scripts. Your contribution to my not-for-profit, the Billie Dean Deep Peace Trust, helps us keep the animals at our farm animal sanctuary, A Place of Peace, happy and well. And if you’d like your kindness to support my creative endeavours, then that’s done through Wild Pure Heart. (That’s why there are two buttons above and below — so you can direct your contribution the way you’d like it used.)

Deep Peace Trust

On the animal side of my work, the mission of the Deep Peace TrustTrust is to foster deep peace and non-violence for all species. We do this through the arts, education, and compassionate action.

I have a big vision, and I’m working every day to make a difference to the animals of the world. My hands-on work is (in part) running the biggest farm animal sanctuary in Australia. It’s close to 500 blessed souls will live out their lives in deep peace, and never know the horrors that so many of their kind face daily. Making a donation to the Trust is a way to tell the world that you think the lives of animals matter. I certainly do, and I’m grateful for your support of this vital work.

Clicking the button below takes you to the Trust’s donate page, where you can make a one-off heart gift or (better yet) become one of our precious regular donors.

Thanks again for your support. The animals in our care send nuzzles, hugs, and kisses for your generosity.

Wild Pure Heart

On the creative side, my company Wild Pure Heart is a family-run story studio telling entertaining tales with a reverence for the world.

Our books, scripts, films, and TV projects reflect a world view that is unapologetically vegan, respectful of the earth, radically reverant of nature, animal-centric in its orientation, and seeks paths that decrease suffering. We also love to lace our projects with heart and humour, and dive into the mystic, giving people stories to make them feel better about the world — to learn, to laugh, and to open the wild, pure heart.

Clicking the button below takes you to the Wild Pure Heart’s donate page, where you can make a gift to support my work and help me bring a bit more light into the world.

Thanks again for your support. 

Photo credits: © Billie Dean, 2019. All rights reserved.