Billie’s Children’s Books

I have written ten children’s books for the education market.  Links go either to  Amazon.com or the Book Depository, but the books are a few years old now and availability may be limited.

Book cover for Keeper of the Magic Stones by Billie DeanKeeper of the Magic Stones

Tiffany has to escape the six-armed monster, Org, to get back to her animal friends. But can they save their forest and rescue her father? Or will the Org gain control of the Magic Stones.

A fast-paced fantasy where Tiffany, Ka and other animals of the forest join in the battle for freedom.

ISBN 0 582 80500 7. 64 pages. 1996. Amazon

Book cover for A Girl with Magic in her Blood by Billie DeanA Girl with Magic in Her Blood

“There’s only one way I can save you,” Darius told the injured unicorn. “I have to cut off your horn”. He wrenched the horn from the unicorn’s head . . . Darius watched as the unicorn’s last magic healed the battered body. Who would protect the Southern Lands now? The young horse trainer, Molly Callahan, is the girl with magic in her blood who saves the unicorn with her Gift of Sight.

“Incredible story. Great imagery and tension in such a confined number of words.”

ISBN 0 582 81140 6. 64 pages. 1997 Book Depository

Book cover for In Search of the Setting Sun by Billie DeanIn Search of the Setting Sun

“Please don’t hurt m’dog,” Pearl pleaded with the big red-faced man who called himself her father. Pearl and Bran, the dingo puppy, decide to run away. Bran and the other animals of the Australian bush, help Pearl find her mother.

Based on the theme of the Stolen Generation.

“A beautiful and touching story.”

ISBN 0 582 81126 0. 64 pages. 1998 Book Depository

Book cover for Some Kind of Horse Hero by Billie DeanSome Kind of Horse Hero

“Summer Parkes desperately wants to be friends with Camilla Simpson-Smith. The only problem is that Camilla loves to ride horses. The only time Summer ever rode was on a merry-go-round. Can Summer fake her horse-riding skills and become good friends with Camilla?

“Wonderful descriptive language. A humorous joy to read.”

ISBN 0 7339 0312 6. 64 pages. 1998 Book Depository

Book cover for The Curse of Rose Quay by Billie DeanThe Curse of Rose Quay

“Chelsea’s brother is missing. Her journey to find him takes her to the mysterious Light Realm – a place of great magic, power and danger. There she becomes a woodswoman, hunted by all, befriended by none save her horse and dog. Will she ever escape?

A book about the power of the mind and creating your own reality.

ISBN 0 7329 4741 3. 64 pages. 1997.

Book cover for The Cat Who Could Act by Billie DeanThe Cat Who Could Act

“Smudge is not your average cat — he desperately wants to be an actor. So when the TV show “Nights in Heaven”, holds an audition for a new cat actor, Smudge would give up a year’s supply of fresh sardines for a crack at the role. But how can he convince his owners to take him to the audition?

ISBN 0 7312 2766 2. 24 pages. 2000.

Book cover for Animals as Entertainers by Billie Dean and Andrew EinspruchAnimals as Entertainers

by Billie Dean and Andrew Einspruch

How we enjoy animals in their roles as entertainers in film, TV, and at theme parks.

ISBN 0 7312 2208 3. 24 pages. 1997. Book Depository

Book cover for Animal Ears, Plant Ears by Billie DeanAnimals Ears, Plant Ears

Do your plants swoon to music? Where are the ears on insects, fish, and whales? Did you know that some monkeys get their warning sounds mixed up when they’re young? And that if we could hear bats, they would sound like jet fighters?

ISBN 0 7312 2219 9. 24 pages. 1997.