View at A Place of Peace, where the sunset colours the smoke from fires.

February 13, 2013

Welcome to 2013!!! The changes are happening so quickly that I have written this blog post three times already! It’s exciting!  We’re living in a time when anything could happen!

How was your December solstice?  Was the big three days what you expected it to be?  I’ve heard there were a lot of angry and disappointed people out there, which immediately appealed to my sense of cheeky and I started writing a comedy piece about it! No, we didn’t all disappear and wake up in Utopia. 2012 was never about a date. It was and is about a Phenomenon.  This Phenomenon is about the human species growing up – not rushing off to trash another dimension, when we still haven’t learned to clean up after ourselves and take care of all of life. It’s a process. It’s birth. And we are changing. And the world is changing.

Just this week I have seen some amazing miracles around people opening their hearts and changing their perspectives. And I have also seen core, core, core issues brought up to the surface for healing and release. Phew!!! Could it be the end of the onion-like layers we have to shed in this exciting year of new beginnings?  Once we break through the core beliefs that come from all our hurts, once we shed our old skins and armour, once we shift our perspective, we can truly become free.

I slept through 12/12/12 and by the time 21/12/12 came, I was so exhausted that all I wanted to do was be still and quiet.  We did do ceremony as a family and put aside a lot of time to do spiritual work, but my exhaustion didn’t really abate until Jupiter went direct on February 1 2013.  January was a blur – oh wait, I remember, fires, floods, snow, heatwave.  It was so ridiculous, it was almost funny.  But not really.  Fire and snow at the same time in Tasmania??  Wow.  Big lesson from the nature spirits to be in balance.  I asked them what they needed, and they need all of us to be in balance. (and you know, to be aware of them and be polite  and stuff).

Let’s face it, they are right! How many of us live a balanced life? Quite frankly, a balanced life sounds like a holiday – time for family and play and self-nurturing, honouring nature and the sacred and living in gratitude instead of fear. That’s just the start of a list which could be addressed if humans were grown up already.

During the fire bit, we had one of those “catastrophe” warnings which immediately sends you into fear.  But could I live with myself happily if I packed up and left the hundreds of souls in our care to fend for themselves?  No.  So I decided there would be only safety in my world and did the necessary spiritual work as well as communing with the world around me, listening to their response and preparing physically as best we could, moving horses into the eaten out paddock around the house, finding wire clippers to cut fences and feeling exceptionally  vulnerable.  Our sense though, was that we would be fine.   I remembered that saying from author Ken Carey,  that this was the time that people would die in fear or live in faith.  And we made the decision to live in faith and create safety with our minds, hearts, power centres, and  Otherworld friends.  This is something everybody can do.    The wind whispered we would be okay.  And shifted when the fire was about 12ks away.  Phew!  It was a powerful lesson in choosing.

In 2013 the promised shifts and changes have occurred, and I’m guessing everyone reading this can feel them. While it is easy to say that we are all One, and understand we all share a spark of the Divine, there are people on this planet that just seem to come from another time and space. More and more I’m going, “What?”, shaking my head in amazement at a species I feel less and less and less a part of. Their behaviour and world seems incredibly dense, harsh and draconian. We can cite their attitudes towards animals and the earth for starters, and you all know what I mean. The divide between the asleep and the awake is enormous! But I still have hope that this will see rapid change this year. I still have hope that all the world will awaken into freedom and peace – and evolution. I have hope for the human species, because of the human potential for love, compassion, kindness and possibility.  I see such a different world for us all.

But for now, I really can’t listen to the radio, watch TV,read magazines or newspapers,  look at the cows and sheep in paddocks, or go shopping in the supermarket. It is just too difficult and so very painful, and  sometimes I wonder if it will change, or if this is the splitting of the worlds that Dolores Cannon speaks of in This Sacred Earth. If so, where do we shop? Or do we all just grow our own? Personally, just give me the quiet health food and book stores and I’m happy.

Last weekend we have  had New Moon energy, with the beginning of the Chinese Year of the Water Snake (for me, this is about shedding old stuff, old skins, old stories, old baggage) coupled with intense solar flare activity and an asteroid hurtling towards us – (that will miss us.) People are reporting the now familiar light-headedness, dizziness, irritability and headaches that come with this. And there have been heaps of earthquakes which we all do tap into, because we and Mother Earth are related.  The trick is to roll with it and ground. Anchor your energy deep into Mother Earth and really form a relationship with her. We don’t call her Mother Earth for nothing, and now we are in a time when we have to learn to live with her instead of on her.

So last weekend felt exciting, as if we could finally drop old clothes and  put on new ones that completely reflected who we are.  2013 is  our birth year.   Spiritually the number 13 is rich in meaning.  Upheavals, karma, creativity, feminine, manifestation, and new beginnings are some of the things associated with this number.  And I’m assured the upheavals are for our ultimate best, even though it might not feel like it at the time.  It just all feels like an exciting time if we know how to navigate it and fly above the collapsing old world muck.

We are in a new landscape now and there was a point in January where I felt like I fell through a tear in the veil. And now that portal is open and there is heaps of forward movement on all levels. Lots of people are moving and changing jobs and re-aligning with their higher selves. Their destiny. It is all about authenticity, and our core essence, and really understanding what that means for our happiness and our ability to manifest our lives the way we really want and better.  I think this is going to get very exciting.  But for now, just ask yourself the question, does this make me feel light and excited or heavy and closed down??  Just don’t take the old anymore. It’s time for new, and light and happy.  The fifth dimension is also about light and happy.

I’ve chucked out so much stuff that was pre-2013.  That was my old human life filled with limitations and fear and hurts and pain. From now on, life is about magic and miracles, fun and laughter !  That’s my decision.   I noticed there were a few of us in January who just went :”sod it, I’m so over my old story”, and we went for spiritual growth more gung ho than ever.

My sense is that this current wave of settling into the new landscape will continue till the Equinox in March. Then there will be another step up in the stairway, and life will continue to get better, and better. Last year there were some talking about the pole shift coming in March, and the related  “three days of darkness”, but as I keep saying, nobody seems to know when or if this will happen.  So it is about being aware and informed and ready for anything.  Make sure you have extra food for your animal beloveds as well as yourself, just in case the electricity goes down for whatever reason.  We are living in a time of uncertainty with unpredictable weather and change being the only norm.  It is a different world, and if you can see it with excitement  and curiousity rather than fear, you will ride this transition time with ease.  It’s up to you.  Personally I’m seeing this as a great year!!

Uranus and Pluto are in a potent mix of planets for this year ushering in revolution and evolution.  I’m told it won’t be as intense as last year, but  I’m all for the excitement of opening up Facebook in the morning and finding it filled with good news stories!  Bring it on.

It is all about manifesting, and manifesting is about imprinting our intent on the misty plains of  the unmade, so focus on all the good news already happening, and  that all humans, underneath it all. have the capacity to be good hearted and open to kindness to each other, the animals and the planet.

Keep in gratitude and self nurturing, find the excitement in life, be curious and kind, and be prepared to keep seeing things a little differently.  (or a lot!)  Our perception of life must change as we change.  Rise above the negativity and don’t let it pull you off course. The vibration of happiness is what our Mother craves, and so do our animal friends.  Have fun, and be happy!


 . . . . . .

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 Photo credit: Andrew Einspruch