The Land of Faery,
Where nobody gets old and godly and grave,

Where nobody gets old and crafty and wise,

Where nobody gets old and bitter of tongue.

The land of faery goes by many names, and one of them… is Avalon, a land of magic, enchantment, miracles and faery priestesses.  Does she call you?  

Do  snippets of the old religion tug at your memory?

Do you hear the whispers of the Fae? Would you like to?

Does something in your soul yearn for freedom, enchantment and magic?

Are you interested in breaking out of the old ,and into the Divine New Earth we’ve all been waiting for?

Are you a spiritual warrior for the planet?

Faeries, come take me out of this dull world,
For I would ride with you upon the wind,
Run on the top of the dishevelled tide,
And dance upon the mountains like a flame.

William Butler Yeats, The Land of Heart’s Desiree

At this magical time of the thin veil, join Billie Dean in a tranformational experience transporting you to what she calls High Avalon — a blueprint for the New Earth. Let the magic of faery help you “Become Avalon” — and realise your highest purpose and place in the greatest shift in all the ages. 

Sunday, October 31 – from 2pm – 5pm, Sydney time

Hello, my name is Billie Dean and the Fae have been with me for a lifetime, claiming me as one of their own. Born with the gift of understanding the Universal  Language of Silence, I was always a voice and a champion for justice for animals and nature. and that included my friends the trees. I grew up to be a writer, indie filmmaker and comic, but ended up creating a huge animal sanctuary, speaking with and helping  animals around the world, and teaching  a non-human perspective, which is so important for the New Earth. I’ve been doing that for nearly 40 years. The fae and other nature spirits always guided  me, and I had years of tree spirit and fae elder mentoring.

Today, as well as caring for the hundreds of animals in our sacred sanctuary,  I run a school of Wyld Shamanism, and live a Wyld Faerie Druid path, which sounds fancy, but is really about an attitude of radical reverence.  It’s this humble, yet magical way of walking that the fae elders are keen for me to share, especially as we head into the New Earth, or what they call The Promise — The Age of Delight.

So it is with great excitement that I invite you to “Become Avalon.” Avalon is one of those mystical “other” places across the veil, today associated with the town of Glastombury, England and made popular by  the Arthurian legends and books like The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. It’s this living memory that the Fae Elders want us to tap into, especially during times of the thin veil, like Beltane and Samhain which we are currently experiencing. We will be exploring not the Avalon of yesteryear so much, as the High Avalon of today and tomorrow — the magical, mystical, enchanted Avalon energetic imprint which is the promised New Earth of the Aquarian Age – a golden age of deep peace for all species.  This Promise or Prophecy has been the guiding force in my life for over four decades.

Becoming Avalon is an important masterclass for people ready to take the leap into planetary service. We need to gather the  souls  who came here for this time, to help anchor in this New Earth, by becoming it. This means dumping old conditioning like an outworn coat, and seeing the world with the fresh eyes of a non-human perspective. Let this faerie workshop inspire, transform and infuse you with inspiration and passion, catapulting you into a high vibrating Vision Keeper, vital to the Shift. Let’s make miracles together at a time  when the old ways of the old earth are crumbling and seeming so dark.  Let’s have some fun and  spread the Light!

Thank you so so much  for joining us!

About the workshop

In the Becoming Avalon workshop, you’ll learn:

  • The meaning of and difference between Avalon and High Avalon and what it means for The Promise
  • The importance of animal sovereignty and agency.
  • How the Fae have moved on from how they are depicted in legend.
  • Celtic faery lore, such as how to find portals and thin places.
  • How to invoke and befriend the nature spirits and fae in your area.
  • How to walk in the New Earth, according to the old fae wise ones.
  • Some magic to help the planet and the beings who live here.
  • Messages from the fae.
  • How to anchor in the New Earth now.
  • Experience a shamanic journey  to Avalon, receiving messages and guidances from magical beings, just for you.
  • Your place in the shift.

The intention of this masterclass workshop is to give you an experience of  the High Avalon energies and we will be gathering together at the end for discussion, questions, answers and a feast  in live zoom community to celebrate the time of the thin veil whichever hemisphere you reside in.  Fun! (Don’t worry , it will be recorded but it’s more fun together!)


Where: online.

When:  The workshop recording is available for you now.

Cost: $110

This is what we had people bring on the day (left here for context):

  • Anything to connect you to Avalon like a cloak, old world fancy dress, an altar, a staff, a Lemurian crystal, a crystal of the colour blue. Dress up if you want, or you could wear a hoodie with the hood up like I’m doing in the picture above. You don’t have to do this, but it would be fun if you did. The idea is to raise the vibe, and to have something that when you look at it, anchors in memories of the High Avalon.
  • A pen and paper to take notes.
  • A vegan snack. We’ll be enjoying a feast together on zoom, but you will also be giving a part of it to the nature spirits and fae, so make it so that it doesnt make other animals like dogs or birds sick. (That is, no chocolate (sorry!!!) , eggs, dairy, butter.) Use plant-based alternatives for cakes and cookies, muffins, banana bread, faerie bread, or whatever strikes your impish fancy. (Being plant-based is important as the higher dimensional beings are offended by acts that harm animals.  And you don’t want to cause offense.).