Blossom and babyThe August winds screamed through the trees, rattling tin, ripping towels from the line, and sending feed buckets flying. Polly, the poddy goat, curled up in her shelter and pushed out a baby that wasn’t alive – just as the sun broke over the horizon. Confused and sad, she showed us, and she cried. And she cried. We hugged her, gave her remedies, and cried with her.

The next night Blossom gave birth to twins. Under torchlight we made her a clean safe house in the goat shed, putting down straw, and made sure the little ones drank their first precious milk. An image of a handsome feral goat rose in my mind. The girls met him by the creek, beyond their normal boundary. Like some erotic Pan, he called them, and all we could do now was stand back and see which souls had come to roam our sacred land and shelter at night in the backyard with our poddy goat herd.

The babies cried, Blossom cooed, the cows bellowed restlessly, calling out to their mothers across the neighbour’s fence, who had new children, curious and proud to be alive.  That in itself made me incredibly sad, because of the way humanity treats and uses their species. Polly grieved, an awful sound, telling Tamsin about her pain, and grooming Tam’s wayward hair. It was not a restful night, and the tension in me rose to almost bursting point. If I could just let go, maybe something huge would shift. It felt like I did before Japan’s massive earthquake. I felt punchy and grateful I was self aware enough not to take it out on everyone around me.

I felt like I was about to erupt.

Mother Earth erupted in New Zealand. (Blessings and prayers for everyone over there.)

dandelion-2462476884_58c617b26a_zAnd the wind calmed, the temperature dropped, the tension left, and I wasn’t surprised to see we had more solar flare activity. My body knew. There was also moments of light headedness, waves of dizziness – but the tension, this time, was the give away.

This is one of the mutations I’ve been talking about. We are changing, constantly upgrading to become more refined and more connected. We are One with Mother Earth and we feel what She feels, and She feels what we feel.   And it isn’t always easy for the wayshowers.  But we have to be peace to help the Mother feel peace.  And you will see those that walk the path of truth to themselves, will have an increasingly open heart, will refrain from eating animals and contributing to suffering, and start to See and Know and Hear more.  The illusion falls away for those who are true,

There is a New World coming and our species is being affected strongly by this relentless solar activity – changing. The Old Ones call the Sun, Father. The Mother Earth and the Father Sun, both gave nourishment. Today we feel the Mother’s energy in our own bodies, and the Father shifts our DNA. All the things we wayshowers have known forever are now crumbling in the face of transparency. Flouride, live exports, animal slaughter,  vaccines, Monsanto, chemtrails, television programming – and all the  outdated social systems are crumbling. The world we live in is not the world we want.  It does not make us happy or healthy or thriving.

There is another world. Another Way.

We have a lot more solar activity coming, talk of a sun reversal, a flip, in October, uncertain weather, and a major societal change in values. We have the long-awaited ninth month fast approaching in September and the Sacred Equinox. The Spirits are watching and waiting all around us. “Be patient. Soon”, they whisper through the veil.

And right now we have a special blue moon in Aquarius, with a Grand Sextile, Grand Square and Star of David  coming up on August 25 –  amazing astrology which could be seen as the birth of the age of Aquarius. Plenty of light pouring in for peace and prosperity for all, manifesting our secret yearnings and wishes for a better world and a happier, more contented life.   This is a time for healing and nurturing oneself, for stretching our wings, for flying.

This is about freedom and creativity and New Thought and it is affecting everyone. This astrology is something to get excited about. It is so helpful to us right now. What sort of world do you want to see? How visionary can you be? How high can you fly to Dream in the New Earth? Are you the Dreamer? Or is your subconscious running your life, your past life wounds, and your set thoughts about what life is meant to be? Are you truly Free?

I was thinking this question when an old loop from a past life came to claim me yet again. In that life I had been killed horribly and so had my animals. It left me feeling powerless, deeply depressed and a victim. As a healer I was consciously choosing not to play that unhealthy victim game. But still it reared its ugly head like an abscess ready to burst, and I knew I had to take a day off and work on my own healing. I couldn’t escape the angry black dog growling at my heart.

My goal this life is to be fully actualised and truly Free, and the Soul Retrieval method that has come to me over the years helps people step out of their loops and become whole. Soul retrieval is a process where the healer finds a part of your soul that splintered off sometime in the past, usually due to trauma. That Monday, I lay on my bed and healed the offending  timeline and my whole chest opened up and swelled with Divine Love. It was an incredible feeling of expansion and in that moment, I knew that I could now make my life different. I could be Free. And since then much has happened to push me along to my goal.

The people from the Otherworld, who I call the Fae, have an ulterior motive in us not being stuck in the old world or tangled up in our old past life wounds. When a person is truly free, they can find and act on their authentic self, their core essence, which might be different to who they think they are. And when that happens, they raise their vibrational frequency to happiness and joy, they become happy and filled with energy, and this in turn affects others, contributes to a tipping point and ripples out to positive change.

This helps create the conscious Dreamers. The ones who shape the world with their intentional words and thoughts, and make a difference. Our world is an illusion. It is a powerful illusion, but if we want it to be different, we need to be different. We need to be free.

This is why my workshop Set Yourself Free is about breaking free. It is designed to pluck people from conformity and the mundane, and transport  them into a land of wild, free, magical living. It is designed to heal, transform, and connect deeply to nature and the Otherworld.  It sets people free. Free to dream a better life – not just for themselves, but for the animals we all love, and for our Mother, the Earth and all her Relations. Aho Mitakuye Oyasin. If you are called to be with me here to make a difference, thank you from us all.

See you on August 31st.

. . . . . .

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Photos: Tamsin Dean Einsrpuch, Jean-Etienne Minh-Duy Poirrier