Time to Come Alive



It’s time to come alive! Fear stops us in our tracks and prevents us from moving forward in our lives.  It makes people survivors instead of adventurers.

My late kelpie, Suki, coming through for me in spirit, recently told me that people have to get out of their “dead suits and come alive”. This thought is echoed in my many communications with the furry beloveds of our world.

There is an urgency to the messages for animal carers to get outside into nature, to meditate more, dance barefoot on the soil of Mother Earth, to laugh, sing and to creatively self express.

I wondered at the urgency and why there was this need for people to be “alive”.

Suki’s response was that people needed to “step up”, another phrase now being echoed throughout the animal kingdom.  She also said animals were finished (with) suffering and that when their people were suffering, so did they.

“People need to know we are all linked,” Suki said.  “We are like a spider’s web, glistening in the morning light. When people are like thunder and the earth shakes, we shake too.”

I asked Suki how we could come alive more.  She showed me pictures of horses galloping on hills.  She showed me dogs chasing each other, running with abandon, and cats curled in the sun.

“People need to become free,” she said,  “They are housed in the dead suits of conditioning.  They don’t know how to live.  They have forgotten.”

In a long night sitting by the fire chatting with Suki’s spirit about the need for humans to become free, I noticed a rip in my heart and solar plexus where a wild joy was emerging: a new inner me.

I touched what Suki called “aliveness” and “freedom” and saw in an instant why it was important to the animals that humans embrace their urgent guidance.

Walking in beauty

It moved me to a higher dimension.  It took me flying, and was another vital tool to help me anchor into what I call the fifth dimension, what the Navaho call Walking in Beauty, what the Hopi call the Fifth World, and what the Inka call “the return of the children of light”.  It re-connected me with the reality of life as it is: not the illusion of scientific materialism, but the true beauty of love, peace and aliveness.

In the fifth dimension there is no depression, anxiety, or ill health of any kind.  There is no abuse.  There are no animals trying to communicate through their behaviour to deaf ears.  There are no  homeless animals and none sitting on death row; no slaughter houses; no cries of pain.

There is simply joy

In our advanced civilisation we are closed off from the wild and the magical. That is the urgent message from the animals today.  They know that if their people are happy and find freedom, they will be stronger, happier and healthier.  When humans “climb out of their dead suits and come alive”, the animals in their homes can too.

When you really listen to the wisdom of the soul within your animal, your dog, cat, horse or rabbit will help you fly like an eagle.
When you discover who they really you will also discover the truth of yourself.

The sage guidance of our animal kin gives us the gentle pushes we need – to become free.

. . . . . .

© Billie Dean, 2008. All rights reserved. No part of this article may be reproduced in any format without prior written permission.
Originally Published in Conscious Living