How Can You Own a Soul?

A Place of Peace horses on a hill

One of the beautiful things about evolving into the new earth of the 2012 prophecy is that people are moving further into harmony with the natural world – which includes their animal companions, and Mother Earth.

Although we all have the gift of telepathy and many are waking up to that and beginning to deepen their relationships with their animal companions, it is still just the tip of the iceberg in understanding the other species who share this earth walk with us.

If we can consider the language we use for example, we can begin to change the way we are in the world now because words are everything.  Words are the building blocks of our universe.  We can move into greater harmony simply by changing our word choices.

As someone who uses words for a living I am very conscious about the spell they weave, the magic they evoke, the images and the power they have.  Words can be swords too.  And they can cut down and destroy and cause havoc. They can cause fear and ill health.  Humans and animals are susceptible to the words we use.

Right this very minute we are creating a New Earth with each and every thought and word.

Let’s take the word “owner”.  In our society, an owner is someone who owns something and can sell, destroy, enslave that thing.  An owner has the right to throw “it” away, or make “it” do what they want.

Therefore I am not the owner of the horses, dogs, cats and other animals in my care.  I am their person, guardian, their carer, their family, their kin. My commitment as a guardian or carer, is to do the best I can to provide an environment of love, nurturing and care for life.

How can one own a soul?

In the same way – how can we own the land?  We can steward the land and come into greater harmony with the being we call the great Mother, by not viewing her as something just to make money from.

When our town was descended on by hungry developers, we were all shocked at the difference in the way Mother Earth was viewed.  To the artists of our town, a huge back yard and the pastoral landscape surrounding the town was beauty to be valued.  To the developers, it was a space to cram homes on.

We didn’t own the land, but we shared kinship with her.  Her beauty nourished our souls.  And there was more.  Mother Earth is the keeper of much wisdom.  There are sacred places which should never be under cement.  The Mother doesn’t like cement.

And when you can communicate with the soul of the Mother Earth and the animals, you begin to come into a different relationship with them.

I was lucky enough to study with a man who was a student of the Quechuan language of Peru.  He told us there was no verb “to have” in Quechuan.  So they would say: “This beautiful gift of a dog is with me.”

I remember the tears rolling down my face as he said this.  It was my teaching in a nutshell, superbly put.

Imagine if everyone learnt that their “beautiful gift of dog, cat, horse, bird, rabbit – was with them.”

There is no sense of ownership in that – only gratitude and caring.  It immediately sets up a respect and a reverence for the animals in our care.

Another word we could change is the word “pet”.  If we think of the word “pet” we relate that to cuddly toy. Something obedient and again disposable.  Pet means we can stick “it” out in the backyard and serve “it” up some commercial food out of a can or package and not really give “it” much thought.  We don’t have to worry about exploring the intelligence and wisdom behind those soul-filled eyes.  If we own a horse for a pet, maybe we can win blue ribbons on “it”.

Instead, our animal friend is a companion, or a brother or sister.  We are in partnership in life.  They are soul companions and soul family.

I also don’t use the word “it” in relation to animals.  It de-personalises them.  They are “he” or “she” or “they” or their name and the name we give them is one that helps them shine their greatest light.

It’s well and truly time to use words consciously and mindfully.  To help animals and people shine .We need to acknowledge where acknowledgement is due.  Praise.  Give credit.  My animal family get praised whenever they are doing something we like.  It helps them understand what we want from them and how to fit into our family system.

Many horses are afraid of the terms “ending up in the can”, “dog meat”, “knackers”.  I’m always shocked they know these terms.  Their people are always embarrassed to be caught out.

“I just said it on the phone,” said one client.

Animals are telepathic.  They understand far more than we think they do.  Just because they don’t “obey” us, doesn’t mean they are at all dumb.  On the contrary, they are highly intelligent.

Which brings me to the word “training”.  When we train people we understand they are an intelligent species who will take the training and excel at it.  They may even bring new things to the training they have received and build on it.  But when we train horses or dogs, for example, we expect them to only do what we train them to do. It doesn’t leave room for them to have an off day.  Dog training reeks of control and obedience and while the world is changing, much of this obedience is through human dominance.  So I would prefer to use the word “educate”.

When we educate an animal we are teaching them our language and expectations but leaving room for partnership and their own intelligence.

My dogs are keenly inteliigent working dogs who play hard and need things to do.  While they have never been trained, they “knew” exactly how to gently round up an injured wild goat and hold that goat so we could pick him up and get him some help.

We never asked them to do this job.  They “knew”.  And while they might counter surf , devour the cat’s leftovers, jump up, climb on the furniture and chase the horses on occasions,  we know that they are simply using their intelligence to take matters into their own hands.

When there is real work to be done, I trust them completely to do the right thing – and they do.  The other stuff is simply conversation.

In the words of Raffi our blue heeler, “dogs are not dogs, they are angels in disguise.”

So next time you look at the little furry brother or sister in your living room, see past the cute and cuddly “pet”, and with your spirit senses honour the soul within.  When you begin to use your words to speak to them in a respectful way, they might just surprise you.  You might find a different relationship forming which is deeper, more meaningful and certainly healthier and a lot more fun for both of you!


  Billie Dean is an internationally recognised interspecies telepath, animal and peace advocate and award-winning creative artist.  She  is the author of Secret Animal Business, and  an independent filmmaker of inspiring and heart-warming films about animals and peace.  Billie runs a transformational on-line school Rainbow Fianna  teaching animal communication with an eclectic blend of native  and visionary wisdom to help people evolve into the human angels animals need them to be.     With her husband and daughter, Billie runs A Place of Peace Animal Sanctuary and founded  The Billie Dean International Deep Peace Organisation, a not-for-profit organsiation to promote peace and freedom for all animals through the arts, education and compassionate action.  www.billiedean.com

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Originally Published in Conscious Living.