Full Moon Messages from Animals and Nature

Full Moon

It was the full moon in July and a voice from across the veil kept whispering, “Don’t miss this one.

I wandered out of the office to the paddock outside where a large expanse of universe twinkled in the darkness and the moon glowed brightly. “Okay, Grandfather,” I said telepathically to the lean, silver-plaited Native American who was my main spirit guide. “I got it. I’m here.”

Grandfather smiled.

I sent my awareness into the night and sensed the presence of many beings.  It was busy out here, the energy serene and still.  It was a beautiful night but I could feel the power of it.

The full moon had brought with it much shifting, and for many it wasn’t easy.  All week I had phone calls and emails from people who were worried about finances and life direction.  Fear and doubt was activated.

“It’s time,” I told them all, ‘to send your fears to the fire, and dream in what it is you do want.  Use the energy of the full moon to manifest.”

As whatever is reflected in the outer world is ours to own, I kneeled by the fire the night before the full moon, and threw in my own anxieties.  I instantly felt more grounded and positive.  “Thank you Fire, from my heart”.

Grandfather had been whispering to me all week.  It was time I did his bidding.  I walked to the ancient Grandmother and Grandfather Pines who give me protection and wise counsel on nights such as these.

“Trust,” whispered Grandfather, as he wandered off into the background. “All is going according to plan.”

“Trust,” whispered Grandfather Pine. “Be our voice.”

The wind whipped up and I asked Grandfather Pine if I may shelter behind him.  “You are being cleansed,” he said.

I let the wind whip through my clothes, wishing I had worn my jacket and beanie.  It was freezing.

“Brother wind, have a heart,” I sent.  He blew harder.  I shivered.

The wind continued.  “OK, Grandfather Pine, what is it you need to say?  What message do you have for us tonight?”  I asked through chattering teeth.

I could sense the spirit within the ancient tree – tall and dignified.  He and I had been communing for ten years now.  I considered him family, and someone to respect.

“It’s time all people learnt about the sacredness of all of life.  Nature’s children need to return with a song in their hearts to the woods of the world.

We tree people need to be remembered for who we are – as living beings and your sisters and brothers.  Man is not the only being on the planet.  He is but one.

There is a song which our Mother Earth taught all of us at birth.  There is a song which fills our hearts and souls.  Do you remember it?”

I closed my eyes, and listened with my spirit ears.  And there it was the beat of my heart.  Slow and steady.  And a female voice rising and falling.  No words – just pure song.  But not a song in the ordinary sense of it – it was a vibration, a feeling of joy.

Grandfather asked me to join the song.  I began to clap and stamp my feet in a rhythmic way.  It helped me stay warm.  The stamping became a dance and I danced faster, bringing up my energy and vibration.  I could feel my own spirit rising and as I did, I sensed the spirits of place around me, the fairy people, the ancestors, the ones across the veil.  I sensed the spirit of my beloved horse, Sollie, who died in 2002.

I stopped dancing.

“I miss you, Sollie,” I said.  “Still.”

“I’m here,” he said.

“It’s not the same.”

We stood together for a minute, leaning across the veil in the way of the shaman.  “You must put your feet on the earth and your heart in your words.  Make a plea for consciousness.  Be a voice,” he whispered.

I nodded.  This message had been coming through for months now.  Who was I to argue?

“Help people remember we are alive,” Grandfather Pine said.  “I’ll have more for you later.”

I hugged my tree friend, stroking the gnarly bark on his trunk.  “From my heart to your heart,” I said, sending him love.  “And to you, too, Sollie.”

On the way back inside, I stopped to open the gate.  The wind suddenly dropped and the world was silent and still.  Wind caressed my face and said “Sweet, you are cleansed.”

I grinned, and gave thanks.  That’s the nature of our relationship, the wind and I.  We are friends.

I walked inside, tired, but inspired.

According to indigenous prophecy around the world, we are now in the time of the Earth Changes.  We’re in the Quickening.  Life has accelerated and will continue to do so until we reach the time of new time – after the galactic alignment of December 21, 2012.  Our job is to raise our vibration, open our hearts and walk in peace.

The Earth is indeed our Mother and she is alive.  One of the ways we can help her and us through the Changes is to understand that the planet is animate.  And that there is a heart song we must sing – called love.

. . . . . .

© Billie Dean, 2008. All rights reserved. No part of this article may be reproduced in any format without prior written permission. Originally Published in Conscious Living.

Photo: Lachlan Donald via Wikimedia Commons.