Caring for Animals through Waking Up

Dolphins Leaping

The messages and wisdom from the animals at this time is to remind us to “wake up”. Intellectually we understand that waking up means not being asleep. And further this is a metaphor for the consciousness of our time.

The true meaning of waking up is about being conscious in every moment. Conscious of every thought you are creating your life with and conscious of every thought you are sending out into the universe with its attending thought form.

People generally love their animals but when the animals show me the bodies of their beloved people, they show me the dead spots. They show me the places in the bodies that are devoid of luminosity or light. Generally these dead or dense spots cover most of the body! However this is changing as more and more people choose to work on themselves and make life a spiritual art form, as I talk about in my film This Sacred Earth:The 2012 Phenomenon.It’s exciting to see individuals graced with Light!

We’re in a time now when the animals need us to walk our talk and not just talk it. And this means being fully awake and aware of the consequences of all of our actions, words, and thoughts.

I recently had the good fortune to go on a dolphin swim – swimming with wild dolphins in the ocean organised by and with people who loved dolphins , whales and the sea.

Before we left, I was told by the dolphins that I wouldn’t experience the idea of swimming with dolphins I had in my mind. I was soon to learn why. In order to give the paying customers an experience, the dolphins were hunted in motor boats and then chased by the same customers in flippers and snorkels – all desperately seeking an experience with these amazing animals of the wild.

We’ve all heard about the transcendent experiences some people have had swimming with dolphins and consciously or subconsciously this is what everyone sought.

But instead of waiting for the dolphins to come to the people, the people chased the dolphins, demanding an experience with them.

The dolphins got out of there.

As a horsewoman and animal whisperer I know that one never chases a horse, dolphin or any animal.  That is perceived as human as predator. Instead, one is still and allows the animals to come to us, because we have opened our hearts and they see our Light.

I certainly don’t blame people for wanting a dolphin experience. I wanted one too. But what’s missing is the knowledge of how to be with animals and Mother Nature.  Human beings have forgotten the basics which I lay out in my book Secret Animal Business:

  1. Have Reverence for all living beings, for all life is precious.
  2. Come from a space of love and humility.
  3. Ask permission – for everything.
  4. Be polite.
  5. Acknowledge, Appreciate and Have Gratitude for every moment and every exchange.
  6. Always give back.

My vision for the world is for it to be completely non-predatory. When people stop acting like predators we will see the shift in evolution and the true peace we all crave – the animals included.

. . . . . .

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Originally Published in Conscious Living.
Photo: Zest-pk