A Message from the Animals for the Current Times


2010 has been predicted to be the year of the great shake up and so it is becoming.  The earth is settling and shifting and the axis is shifting and all the things predicted by the indigenous peoples around the world are indeed coming to pass.

It is an intense time with intense energies and intense astrology.  Astrologers are predicting a time of enormous social change akin to the 1960s and you can feel it bubbling and boiling and churning like a great boil about to burst.

Unfortunately this period of necessary evolution is causing a great deal of distress to humans and the animals in our care.  Many have chosen this time to to open our hearts and love every moment of every day.  We don’t know who is leaving and who is staying, so it is important to love and love hugely.  Open your hearts.

Some animals are just finding it difficult to hold on – and the new and full moons, the equinoxes and the solstices and the eclipses are all periods of intensity, during which they show me waves of energy which all but leave us, leaving us grieving and raw, and reminding us sweeps them away.  Some of them will , like humans, get grumpy or irritable or sad.  Some are strong and untouched.  Some leave, some suddenly leave, and some have mystery illnesses come up for healing and release, or as some old lesson for us to help them through and learn from ourselves.

And some of the heavier medicines are no longer working.  Because the animals, like us, are getting lighter, some conventional medicines are just too heavy and too toxic and creating havoc with the systems of our animal friends.  So be careful.  Listen to your own body, your own inner self, your gut, your intuition.  This is how the animals talk to you.  If you feel something might not be right, it might not be. It is time for us all to be wise, and honour our intuition.

So how can we help our animal friends through these times?  I asked this question and these are the suggestions that came through:

“The energies are moving very quickly and if the home is toxic, it is harder for us to “breathe”.  So please tell people to have air and space and light in our homes so we can breathe.  Tell them to space clear the home, and keep its frequency up with good smells and good vibrations.

Tell them the earth is losing its magnetic hold and some of us feel as if we are floating away.  So it is really important to be in the Earth with your energy and even though humans can’t feel or understand what the Mother Earth is saying, we can.

She is begging you to listen to her now, to dance and whirl and sing.  She wants you to honour her in ceremony and re-member who she really is.  When we look at humans we see the half dead, the walking dead.  Humans need nature to really come alive, and nature needs you to be alive.

So please, do what makes you come alive.  Spend time outside with the trees, the rocks, the rivers and the sky.  Live life in a sacred manner.  This must not just be the way of a few who re-member.  It must become the way of the whole.

We are delighted to be here to witness the transformation of the human species, at the Great Awakening.  But we are also sensing the slowness of humans to understand, and we are finished suffering.

People have been confused, thinking animals are here to serve humans.  This is not so, although it is often our pleasure.

We are here as your teachers and healers, but not as your slaves.

We are here to give you guidance and wisdom through these times, so please listen and understand that sometimes because you do not hear us at a level of the heart, behaviour is the only way to “talk.”

The magnetics of the earth are changing.  The waves of light are intense.  When humans are more grounded in nature and working with nature like riding a wave in the ocean, then it is easier for us.  When humans are going against themselves and not living from their hearts or true nature, it is harder because we are increasingly sensitive to the light within the humans, or the dark.

And there is still a lot of dark that needs some light.

We are also on a journey of transformation and many of us who have come are also in the process of tidying up the past. We have old contracts to fulfil.  We have our loyalities and our work, just as you do.

It is time for humanity to understand the richness of this life and the multidimensionality of it.  Time is collapsing, so be prepared to experience change like you have never seen it before.

Re-member who you are and your I AM presence and let that part of your soul create a life that is not the one you are living now.  Make it much better. Go flying high in the sky to see that you are indeed awakening.  Do not be afraid.  Be creative, and love and live from your heart.”

So remember that we are all on a journey to a place called the fifth dimension – a place of beauty and love – and that our animal friends have come here to help us get there, and also for their own evolution.  One of my dogs who hasn’t been well told me not to fear and that she would see me in the “fifth dimension”.

When I journeyed to the fifth dimension recently, I was surprised to find some dog friends already there – eyes bright and shining.  They had crossed over the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago, but now I know I will see them again, while I am still living in this body.

So really, there is nothing to fear at this time of intense change.  But we do need to do our work.  The animals are impatient for us to walk with humility, respect and reverence once again, seeing them for who they truly are, children of Mother Earth, just as we are.

Do as the animals say: Space clear your homes, especially after arguments, keep it light and bright, and when the intensity hits and you start to feel that nothing works anymore, that life is chaos, that darts are flying, and it is too depressing or too sad , or too frustrating – remember to go out in nature.  She is waiting for you.  And She will help you.

Do ceremony on those sacred times and hold the energy by grounding yourself deeply, and standing like an anchor, like a tree with roots that go deep into the ground.

And don’t forget to dance and sing – because the Mother likes it!!  And so do the animals, because it lifts your spirits and makes life and the Change, a lot easier to bear.

. . . . . .

© Billie Dean, 2010. All rights reserved. No part of this article may be reproduced in any format without prior written permission.
Originally Published in Conscious Living.