The Good Folk of Faery have always been present for me. Whispering to me as a lonely, misunderstood child, and appearing to me at odd times, like in the middle of the paddock while I was filling a water trough!

The Fae Folk have intrigued and fascinated humans for centuries, winding themselves into the tapestry of this world through myth, folklore… and personal stories.

Often described as having ethereal beauty and an otherworldly presence, the Fae are generally considered to be guardians of nature, intermediaries between realms, and keepers of ancient wisdom and magick.

Today, I want to invite you to delve into the possibility of your connection to this ancient race — whether through incarnation or blood lineage.

So let’s consider some of the things presented to us… what we think we know about the Good Folk of Faery, including the nature spirits many consider to be fairy. 

The Fae are often depicted as beings with luminous skin, mesmerising eyes, and an aura that radiates enchantment. Their appearance is described as anything from delicate and dainty to breathtakingly wild. As they don’t age as humans do, they can appear ageless.

Ethereal, commanding, and powerful are some other words for the ones I have personally met. But the world of faery is vast and includes many types of beings. From thoughtful, poetic elves to rascally leprechauns, and cheeky pixies. And everything in between.

Some are intrinsically linked to the natural world, possessing a deep connection to the earth, plants, and animals, and are considered the guardians and protectors of the natural realms. Telepathic with all beings, these Fae love harmony and balance and create it wherever they go. 

Associated with hidden realms existing parallel to our own, one can access their ethereal landscapes through enchanted portals, ancient forests, or sacred places where the veil between worlds is thin. Within these realms, the Fae are believed to weave their magick and maintain the delicate equilibrium between the mortal and spirit realms.

They often prod humans to write about them and tell their stories so they are not forgotten. Many are magickal musicians and if you are lucky and worthy, it is said they will grant you the gift of music. There are also stories of humans becoming healers or storytellers after a chance encounter with an original member of the Fae community.

The Fae I’ve met love to dance, sing and make merry music. They tell me this “merry” keeps them in the higher dimensions.

Throughout history, the Fae have been regarded as keepers of ancient wisdom and mystical knowledge. They are an old old race of being, some say the first on the planet, followed by the animals. 

Legend says the Tuatha de Daanan, for example, were a magickal race who came to Ireland, and when defeated by the Druid Amergin of the Milesons, moved into the Other Realms.

Fae races appear in every country.

In Australia, they are seen as blue lights by the First Nation people. They have appeared to me this way as well.

According to some lore, the Good Folk possess insights into other realms, holding secrets of the universe and guiding those who seek enlightenment. They can offer their wisdom and teach valuable lessons to those fortunate enough to encounter them.

There’s also a lot of old stories about how the Fae can be tricksters and how one is wise to be polite and not cross them. Some don’t like humans at all. 

I’ve been fortunate to meet only Fae who are kind but strict in their dealings with me, knowing me better than myself and encouraging me with initiations along the way. One such initiation was to hold myself as a High priestess Queen which apparently I was, knowing I had trouble with self-worth in this life time. That one took years.

I’m curious about the human-fae connection. Do you have past lives as a Fae being, your soul carrying fragments of memories and traits from that existence? Do you have blood lineage, with ancestry linking you to the Fae? 

Is your Fae self dormant?

Do you resonate at all with these magickal beings?

Can you feel yourself existing in more than one place?

Do you feel at odds with the human species? Like you don’t fit in?

Let me know!

About Billie Dean

Billie Dean is an innate interspecies telepath working as a voice for nature, animals and the unseen. She runs the Deep Peace Trust animal sanctuary in the tradition of a Faery Druid Priestess. 

Check out her card deck and book Fae Elders Guide to the Higher Dimensions. Billie also writes and makes indie films of light and love. Watch out for her upcoming web series Blue’s Tales of the Wyld and Enchanted (about a faery queen) on the Wild Pure Heart YouTube channel. Subscribe now.