Animal Consultations

Billie Dean and Kobi

Billie Dean and Kobi, from the early 2000s

If you would like an animal consultation, make a payment through Paypal using the buttons under Costs and Payment below or contact me for banking details. Once you have done that, please send me the animal’s details as described under How I Work. You will go into the next position in the queue, and I will get to you as soon as I can. If you need to follow up on the status of your reading, please use the Contact page to get in touch. Either I or Andrew will get back to you. Please be patient, as my time for consults is limited.  

“Thank you so much for your beautiful, gentle and immensely helpful and thoughtful session. I got so much out of it, and find my dogs have a new peace this morning.” – Tara Venn

What I Do

At a time when the world is hurtling towards the biggest shift in consciousness humanity has ever seen, our animal friends are by our sides like angels, helping and, indeed, urging us to grow spiritually and emotionally. What may manifest as health, emotional or behavioural problems in your animal companion could reflect a message for you. WIth almost 40 years of distance telepathic animal consultations for animal lovers all over the world, I am seeing an urgency in the animals for their people to shift, change and wake up.

“Billie Dean leads the way to help us understand our animal kin and Mother Nature, opening the door for new dimensions in communication and understanding.” – Kayla Jakota

My animal consultation today includes an animal communication/consultation, wisdom and guidance from the animals to you, and includes a shamanic healing where necessary. This could be anything from an illumination to unblock and balance the chakras, soul retrieval to repair the effects of trauma, or an extraction to remove entities. I also offer counselling on their most important journey Home to the spirit world, working as a death doula for the dying. Here we ask for last requests, advice on hospice care, discover whether your beloved needs or wants help to cross over (many don’t), and ceremonies to help that crossing including the Death Rites of the Andean medicine people. Personally I have found this brings great peace to the animals in our care. I can also help release earthbound spirits who are still on this plane for reasons that we can discover.

“An animal communicator and shaman, Billie Dean is really something like the ‘Dalai Lama for animals’ – their spiritual leader and representative.” – Liliane Grace

Consultations can include:

  • insight into health, behavioural and emotional problems
  • a shamanic healing, where needed
  • sending messages to animals
  • receiving messages from animals
  • messages from animals who have passed to the spirit world.

“The animals are blessed to have you to speak and act on their behalf with whole-hearted commitment and devotion to their entire wellbeing.” – Eve Nguyen

How I Work

These days, my work is done using the internet. All I need is the animal’s name, species, and gender. However, if it is possible, a photo, scanned and sent by email or posted, allows me to see who I am talking with. And I like that. Also, please send whatever questions you have, as well as any information about the issue that the consult should target. Andrew will give you email details once payment is received.

Costs and Payment

Full sessions, including a shamanic healing for the animal and a written response, cost $250 per animal per reading. If what you need is quicker and does not require a shamanic healing, then a telepathic session is $150. Lost animals and emergencies may attract a premium above the usual session price, as they are very time-consuming and require that I handle the case out of sequence. You can pay for the session using the button below. If you prefer to pay by direct deposit, please use the Contact page to get banking details. Note the Paypal account is my company, Laughing Owl Productions (which trades as Wild Pure Heart).

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Hello To All Of You Who Have Come to Billie Dean to Get Closer to Your Beloved Pets, My name is Kenya Lowther, and I live with a beautiful, venerable Empress. I am not her slave, but one of her loved and trusted “inner circle”, and would do anything for her, since this is the way of love. Chelsea is a tiny Burmese cat, with very definite ideas about how things should be done. Many a vet has battled to medicate and test her on the few occasions (which have become more frequently lately, since she has passed her 23rd Birthday) she has been unwell. I battle daily to medicate her for her (the vet says) seriously deficient kidneys. Since I lost a cat previously in very traumatic circumstances to kidney problems, I was in a terrible quandary: what would I do if Chelsea needed help to leave her current life. Above all things, I wanted what SHE wanted, and did not know how I was going to approach the problem. Because she has been such an amazing, larger than life being, almost magical in her ways –she could apparate in places she wanted to go, such as very high fences, long before we read about it in Harry Potter, by sheer will. She could get people to move out of places she wanted to be, without uttering a word (even cat-haters!)

She gradually succumbed to arthritis, but learned to abseil instead of jumping. She wanted food, and anyone she approached would just get up serve her needs. The only health problems she ever had were sinusitis (and all Burmese are prone to that!) and rotten teeth, most of which had been removed. But then she started having fits, the cause of which was too much protein for her kidneys to handle. Tests last year showed that while she was in perfect health apart from the arthritis, and lack of teeth, her kidneys were “shot”, and she would need medication to support her decline in health, and would eventually require euthanasia. The vet pointed out that this would be very upsetting for all concerned, because she was such a “fighter”, and special “arrangements” would have to be made.

My vet is a lovely person, and he was trying to offer “comfort.” But she was such a special cat, I prayed daily and more often that she would “go” on her own terms, surrounded by love, and with the greatest dignity. Her health didn’t seem to be declining. One Sunday, in December last year (2006), I read an article about Billie in the Sunday paper, and I contacted her about Chelsea. She told me all that Chelsea was thinking, and that included the fact that “her kidneys were of no concern, just a part of life”, that she “didn’t want a lethal injection to aid her in her journey home – not now, not ever!” and that I should rediscover my talents as artist – she “showed” Billie pencils or crayons. She told Billy she wasn’t ready to go home yet, and that she had a lot more to teach me yet. She showed Billy her favourite places around the house – a window looking on to her garden, her favourite resting place – my daughter’s double bed. She told Billie she needed “green” to help her system get more nourishment out of food. She told Billie I should “Write”, and out of nowhere came a poem about her that helped remember my (latent) talent for writing. I sent Billie a copy of that poem. She has told Billie she is “at peace” and that I “have nothing to fear”, that our love “would continue beyond this life” and that she would “come back to me in another, recognizable cat-form”. She told me Chelsea “loved being kissed between her ears” something I do all the time! She always purrs madly while I am doing it!

Billie has Chelsea’s and my deepest gratitude. This wonderfully gifted lady really can “talk” to the animals, even at a great geographical distance (Chelsea and I live In Perth, W.A.!). Because of Billie’s contact with the Chelsea I know so well, I believe her abilities are beyond doubt, since she could not have known the things she described without Chelsea “telling” her. I also believe Chelsea “willed” Billie into my life at just the right moment – I could have met her while she was over here at a Conscious Living Expo weeks before I saw the article – I walked past Billie while I was there, not knowing who she was or why she was there – just that she had some animals with her, and that she reminded me (in looks) of Linda McCartney. If you are thinking of contacting Billie about getting closer to special pets or animals in your life, I would strongly recommend that you heard about her for a reason, and to act on it. I feel very blessed by Billie’s work with Chelsea, and will treasure the knowledge they shared with me, and if you are fortunate enough to work with her, you will feel blessed, too! Kenya Lowther Wembley Downs, W.A