Place of Peace Sanctuaries

Companions for Life
Commitment for Life

The mission of Place of Peace Sanctuaries is to help people understand that animals are sentient with a language everyone can hear if only we choose to listen, to eradicate the kill policy in kill shelters, creating safe havens for all homeless animals in commitment for life shelters. To educate people that domestic animals are companions for life, are kin and kindred spirits, that they are our teachers and we are their caring guardians.

Place of Peace Sanctuaries promote the A Place of Peace credo of “caring with commitment and compassion”.

Place of Peace Sanctuaries promote the end of “convenience euthanasia”, encouraging people to try harder when looking for solutions to problems. For example, many animals are killed before their time because conventional medicine has failed them. Solutions may exist in a more holistic approach. People could also be educated in understanding animal sentience, spirituality and psychology. Also diet. With Place of Peace shelters, people with true difficulties can have help and support in rehoming their companion, safe in the knowledge they will be cared for.

Place of Peace Sanctuaries also promote a change of language with regard to animals. (I have written a whole article about this called How Can You Own a Soul? I also cover this in detail in my book Secret Animal Business.)

  • Replace the word “pet” with “animal companion” or “animal kin”. “Pet” means “toy” to many people and thus something which can be abused or discarded.
  • Choose “he” or”she”, instead of the depersonalising “it”.
  • Replace “owner” with “animal carer”, “person”, “guardian”. How can you own a soul? When someone “owns” an animal they feel they can treat that animal however they please, and that that animal must perform in a certain way. When you are an animal guardian or caretaker or carer, you embrace an animal’s care and consider their emotions and feelings.

The Place of Peace Sanctuaries campaign really started for me decades ago.  I’m a strong empath, so I feel what the animals feel and the idea that you can die just because you are homeless is just wrong.  I’ve been involved in animal rescue for over two decades.  To try and raise consciousness, I have written children’s books, made two films, taught hundreds of students, and written any number of articles on animal communication and sentience. But now the time has come for enormous change in animal welfare. I sincerely believe we will not have true peace on this planet until harmony with the natural world is achieved. And this will come when humans treat animals as equals, teachers, and kin.

We need you. We need your voice and support and your ideas. We need songs, advertisements, artists and filmmakers, media, journalists, fundraisers, PR people, web designers, volunteers, animal handlers, people who can write letters, people who can write proposals, people who can make donations — this is a new campaign and we urge all of you who want to join us to contact me so we can coordinate the effort.