10 September 2013

Well no doubt many people have been sitting in horror at the election result, but for me it means it is time to roll up the sleeves, get activated, and like Gandhi says, “Be the change we want to see in the world.” It’s time for grassroots rebellion and revolution. It’s time to be peace embodied – deep peace for all species.

So what are the things that call you for action? Now is the time. I want to see a world of kindness and compassion for the animals, the Earth and for each other. I want to end Live Export, and the very idea that it is okay to kill and torture animals. Humans are supposed to care for and protect the vulnerable and defenceless. Now is the time to do so. And we can do that with our every day choices and actions. Speak the truth to people and help them get excited about a new way of living that is lighter, that truly harms none, and helps people be healthier and happier.

I See a very different world coming and I see this new government unwittingly hastening the collapse of the old guard – because we, the people, can’t stomach it anymore. We are in a time of Chaos and it is up to each one of us to continue our personal work, so we can be the best we can be. We need to shine our light and ground our energies and be strong. The energies are showering the world with Light, and the split in the worlds is here but getting more and more solid. This is the split that has been foretold by many. Last week I could feel it building even more. Plus we are seeing so much unrest and seismic activity. It seems like the only place to find peace is out in nature where there is beauty and peace and strength. Being out in nature gets us away from the noise of the every day “civilised” world. Although I can’t call anyone civilised who thinks nothing of murdering an innocent animal. I think we have a way to go before we are truly civilised.

So what can each of us do? Andrew and I have been working on our Deep Peace Movement and Million Kind Hearts Campaign. We’re looking for people who want to get involved so together we can make a difference.

We’re actively seeking funding for our Deep Peace Farm Project and our forthcoming film The Farmer. All of this needs community support and you are the community! Donate now!

So my bush elf wise advice is to roll up our sleeves and get active. Get excited about creating a beautiful future without old world leadership and change your emotional state with nature and chocolate! (Lol!) Change is accelerating daily and with imagination and community , action and good, positive thought, we can be the change we want to see in the world.

By helping animals, we help each other and the planet. It’s time to be kind!

. . . . . .

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Photo credit: BK