Most people think that faeries are silly stories for children but if you are a student of Celtic mythology, or live in a country which hasn’t lost its magic, then you’ll know that faerie areas are sacred, and faerie doctors and mediators are as valuable as gold!. The unseen, are simply unseen by the normal human eye.  But they still very much exist.

There are countless stories of  mundane people who try to build on sacred faerie sites, only to find their foundations crumble and work impossible to do.  A faerie mediator is brought in, and the fae win, with their special area left alone as a shrine.

Humans who don’t see the land as a living being, housing the unseen as well as the seen, create an imbalance in the world and the fae are rightly cross when their earthly habitat is disrespected.  Further, any crisis on earth affects all the dimensions.

I’ve read how some of those in the higher dimensions are pleased with our progress as a species, and yes we are making a small dent in the fabric of compassion, but it is so slow and there is so much darkness.

So being” pleased” might be encouraging to some, but the Wild Elvin Fae I speak with are not so happy.  They were here long before humans.  They revere and protect the animals and nature.  And most humans are disrupted and corrupted from their original intent.

The Wild Elvin Fae are a group of druid-like elders and they have shown me how their blood has infiltrated human society to try and make it better.  W.B Yeats was one of them.  And many others.  And those with eyes who See, will soon begin to See who has the lineage of  fae or elvin blood or both.

Commonly, the Elves are considered to be the intellect, while the Fae are the heart.  But I haven’t found that to be true.  The Wild Elvin -Fae are pure of heart and intention as they try to steer the human species towards the higher dimensional living from an open heart and an abundance of compassion,  kindness, love and joy.

They don’t harm the animals they are here to protect.  That means all of them.  The animals humans still use and abuse, are sacred to the Wild Elvin Fae.

The truths of the Wild  Elvin Fae lead us into a walk and a world that is enchanted.  They speak of the Age of Delight and encourage us to keep moving forward.  This group of Elders are the true People of Peace.. the originals.  It is why I call our sanctuary , A Place of Peace.  And here we honour the sacred places, and befriend the unseen, as well as the seen.

Billie Dean is a writer. Her course 30 Days of Spiritual Wildness embraces the teachings of the Wild Elvin Fae. Billie is the only known vegan animal shaman in the world, and is a global authority on animal spirituality. She walks and teaches the Faerie Way. With her family, Billie runs the largest farm animal sanctuary in the southern hemisphere. offering refuge to hundreds of formerly at-risk animals, including farm animals and wildlife. Billie is the founder of the Deep Peace Trust, a social change organisation working for the new earth of peace for all species. She loves magic, mystery, hanging out with trees and the unseen, and singing to the herds and flocks in her care.  To support animals in safe refuge please donate to www.deeppeacetrust.com/donate. To support Billie’s writings -www.billiedean.com.