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Billie Dean is a professional writer, today dedicated to social change through writing the New Story of our culture and civilisation which she believes needs to turn completely upside down ( or the right way up!)  A former journalist, Billie’s work embraced media, stage and screen over a 40 year period, with hundreds of articles, a well-received play,  (The Reluctant Soul) ,a Best Actress for an indie film she wrote, directed, acted in and co-produced (Finding Joy) , documentaries (7Days with 7Dogs and This Sacred Earth) children’s TV (Hi-5 and Cushion Kids)  and also a dozen published children’s books. She also wrote and performed stand up comedy, and then as a comedy `duo with her husband American improv whizz  and author Andrew Einspruch. Their 1980’s show Random Thoughts was heralded as  the best of new wave comedy, “fresh, funny and clean” and their higher conscious comedy characters had “the simpatico of Burns and Allen.” With Einspruch, she founded a story studio, Wild Pure Heart, which today offers books and screenplays.

Billie is also currently the only known vegan animal shaman in the world, born with the inmate gift of understanding the Universal Language of Silence that all beings speak. Her writing, activism , advocacy and vision all come from  this non human-centric viewpoint.   She is passionate about making the world a better place for  all animals, and  is a multi-award winning vegan.  She is also passionate about helping people remember their reverential connection with the natural and unseen worlds.

Billie lives in  country NSW with her husband and adult daughter, and together they run A Place of Peace, the largest farm animal and wild horse sanctuary in Australia.  Billie also founded Deep Peace Trust a social change charity based on the spiritual principles which she teaches. Her vision and mission is to help create a world of deep peace for all species.  She is regarded as a global authority on animal spirituality, has helped animals from all over the globe for decades, and spoken to thousands of people at conferences both in Australia and overseas. Her award-winning book Secret Animal Business, changes lives. 

 Billie and her family live and work in a 130 year old weatherboard farmhouse filled with wild cats, rescued dogs, a one-legged goose and any number of hand-raised sheep, goats and horses who might be looking for a treat.  Billie loves chai, runs on cacao, and when she’s not tending to and feeding animals, or writing for social change, you’ll find her in a paddock photographing  and filming, or in the cottage writing memoir, songs or fantasy.  One day she would love to be able to play banjo and sing like a nightingale! She studied  shamanism with many indigenous teachers including the Four Winds, is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and includes trees and  the unseen among her very good friends and mentors. She teaches and writes about the Faerie Way because it is a higher consciousness perspective and embrace of life on Earth.

Billie Dean and Erin

Billie Dean meeting a camel in 1989.

Billie Dean meeting a camel in 1989.



Montana with Billie, January 2011

Don Francisco and Billie Dean

Clea with Billie

Clea, February 2011 to September 19, 2011, with Billie

Billie Dean Teaching

Billie Dean with Thunder at Stonehenge

Billie Dean with Thunder at Stonehenge

Billie Dean and WillowBillie Dean and Finnian the brumby

Andrew Einspruch, Tamsin Dean Einspruch, Billie Dean and Bramble the goat

Andrew Einspruch, Tamsin Dean Einspruch, Billie Dean and Bramble the goat

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