Writer. Filmmaker. Interspecies Telepath. Visionary. Spiritual  Teacher. Animal Advocate and Carer at A Place of Peace Farm Animal and Wild Horse Sanctuary 

Or you could just call me Chief Drui Priestess on the isle of Little Avalon, living with a community of non-human souls. And sharing their stories in print and digital images, while holding and living the vision of a higher and better world where all life is respected. And all beings are safe and peaceful.

Either way, I’m not into labels.

Instead I’m still the small girl child who understood the language of animals, trees, stones, the wind and the rivers, and held a knowing that all life was precious.  I became a voice for the animals and the trees when I was 8, a pivotal time for me as I lost my natural mother to brain cancer.It was a lonely path, and I spent hours journalling and writing poems about unconditional love and the guidance and friendship I received from the world of non-humans.  You would often find me surfing the waves or enjoying the wild elements of mother nature. I hung out with horses, dogs and cats, loved country living. and had a fascination with wild music and  all the Mysteries.  This  inspired me to seek out others like me.  So while I worked as a journalist and writer, I studied everything from Herbalism and Naturopathy to Shamanism and Druidry, sitting and sharing with all manner of people trying to find out why I was so weird.. a word I later found out meant.. wise.  I didn’t feel wise.  Humans confused me Life on Earth really did seem upside down and the indigenous Prophecy of Peace made a lot of sense. The indigenous way of the world, from all cultures, including Celtic, made far more sense than western materialism.

So I lived outside it as a counter culture hippie peacenik or peacenik hippie (more labels) , earning a living in the creative arts as a writer/performer mostly,  comedy,  children’s Tv and kid’s books,  indie films and docs, living a self sufficient lifestyle in the bush, being vegan, home-schooling our daughter.. because of course I met and married a guy who was spiritual, caring , a fellow theatre comic and writer, also vegan. And we created A Place of Peace together. Andrew is now an award-winning author of fantasy novels and all-round exceptionally hard working sanctuary guy, fixing leaks and fences, feeding and caring for animals.. right down to cleaning cat litter trays. A job we all share!

The fae, the trees and the animals were always around as wise mentors .. teaching and guiding.   So were the spirits .. and one of these suggested I help other people’s animals with my ability..  So I did. That experience led me to my book Secret Animal Business, and a whirlwind career as an animal communicator and spiritual teacher.  For nearly 40 years..

But what I wanted to do was write and film, sharing the stories of the animals I knew and loved, and who desperately needed a voice.  Which brought me back to the Prophecy of Peace — and the part I am playing in it.. helping people to remember who they really are and drop the conditioning that binds and enslaves them.  Plus standing up for the rights of all animals to be treated with respect, reverence and benevolence.

So here I am at the tipping point of the planet’s human history, sharing my perspective and living with my little family in a mystical world filled with talking animals, mists, daily dramas and sooo much love, wonder , laughter, tears and enchantment.

I hope you’ll join me as we navigate the choppy waters of social change together.  The Great Turning is receiving cosmic help, but it’s also up to us to remember who we really are.

Sanctuary life is really very flat out, but I’m here as a voice for the animals, to help people learn a different way, a way that is rooted in decades of experience.. a way the fae elders are urging me to share  — through teaching, writing and filming.


Pics through the years