Hi there and welcome to my world!  I’m Billie Dean and I write, make films and videos, teach the sacred non-human perspective through my school of Wyld Shamanism, create social change for animals as an animal shaman, advocate and activist, and, with my family, run one of Australia’s largest sanctuaries caring daily for hundreds of animals from wild horses, wild cows, wild kangaroos and wombats to sheep, goats, dogs and wild cats. All life is precious and we have created A Place of Peace, where all kinds of animals and wildlife live in harmony as nature intended. This place is my muse, my calling, and fuels my desire for change so all animals can live free with their families and societies without human domination. It’s time for a whole new paradigm.

Born gifted with the ability to understand the Universal Language of Silence, to See and hold a vision of the future, and cross into Other Worlds, my human friends nicknamed me the Bush Elf or just Elf.  My fae friends call me a Fae Bard, the Tree Elders called me a fae queen, the animals call me She Who Cares, my Native American spirit helpers called me Woman with Twin Tongues, and my Native American human teachers called me She Who Remembers. And that sums it up, really! I’m seriously not into names or labels because they box you in, and I’m not one to be boxed in. But these forays with Others fuel my sense of fun and inspire me. I have books and screenplays in various stages of completion, inspired by my desire to bring hope and change to the world. To bring back harmony and peace. And to help people remember the truth about this living planet we all share with others including others in other dimensions.

I live and work from an old weatherboard home called Owl Cottage, shared with my amazing husband Andrew Einspruch, comic, award-winning author and my loving partner for over three decades. We are joined by our adult daughter Tamsin, who also writes. We are all committed, long-time vegans, because we love all animals!  And we’re also into all things counter-culture. We homeschooled and loved every moment of it, we’re into natural therapies and exploring alternative narratives which do no harm and embrace benevolent stewardship of the planet we call home. We do all love good screen storytelling. And we share our space with five dogs, 31 formerly wild cats, two budgies and a one legged goose called Gwen.

My background is in journalism, comedy, performance, children’s books and TV , theatre, plays, teaching and performing improv with Andrew, making micro budget films and docs. I even won a Best Actress for Finding Joy which I also wrote and directed.  We are always developing  a slate of projects through our company Wild Pure Heart

My life has been a constant juggle between the creative arts and the animal  shaman, absorbing knowledge and wisdom to be shared through helping literally thousands of animals all over the globe for over three decades. My signature book Secret Animal Business also got me teaching around the world. And of course, there’s my own animal refuge right in the heart of a farming community in rural NSW, Australia. It’s not easy for an animal sensitive to see first-hand the cruelty of animal agriculture. as I have for decades. I also studied with shamanic and druidic teachers around the world and am a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

My focus today is on writing, filming, and teaching about all of it — the non-human perspective, the fae, the otherworld  the truth from the animal’s own voice as an interpreter of their language.  And also flights of fantasy and fun, inspired by my own truth.  

I hope you enjoy my offerings. and I invite you to join me in being the shift of the collective consciousness from the old and outdated to the new and peace-filled… for every inhabitant of this beautiul planet! 

Pics through the years