It’s cold and the sun’s warmth is getting frail.  Despite some trees stubbornly hanging onto their orange leaves, winter is arriving with the Winter solstice, along with a new moon and a solar eclipse, solar activity, several  planets in retrograde and a bucketful of global tension which can only be heightened by the cosmic events.

Astrologer Lorna Bevan calls it an event which will be a marker in history.  It will be bigger than 9/11. The world will never be the same.

We don’t know what it will be.  The important thing is to stay calm, keep out of the way of drama, keep tension to a minimum at home and do your best to be joyful and peaceful.  Do things for you.  It’s important to self nurture in times of change.

We are in the time of prophecy and it is a good opportunity for positive change. It is an excellent opportunity.  There is so much which needs to be changed!

Winter solstice  is one of the Light Returning.  The days stop getting shorter.  They start to get longer, even as the most bitter weather is still ahead of us.  Winter solstice is the longest  night on the calendar.  But it is a night rich with opportunity for ritual and ceremony, dreaming, divining, envisioning and intent.

This solstice I will be de-cluttering and space clearing.. getting energetically ready for a night of magic.  We will be making pumpkin soup and rich hot cacao with cinnamon and vanilla, having a fire to clear all the old human deadwood, releasing and shedding.  And spending time in the Otherworld, dreaming the new world into being, asking for both messages and requests.  And we will be calling deceased animal spirits in need of  healing and release.

For those of us in the southern hemisphere, living under an increasingly fascist government, it’s time for the Light to Return and if we all call that in in wild celebration, we have a good chance of shifting the current situation. If we are simply light filled molecules in a human form, then it’s imperative we dance together in high vibration so we can quantumly ripple!

Please join me.wherever you are and whatever time you feel called.

Meanwhile, speaking of quantum, here’s a Quantum Hypnotherapy session which is a fascinating account of how we are all connected, and how we function.  Have a listen and let me know what you think and how it makes you feel.  For me, as someone keen to see social change, it makes doing what I really, really love to do, so imperative, which is what we know, but now really is the time to focus on it completely to riase the vibration out of the darkness the planet is currently experiencing.

Here is the link to Suzanne’s page where she has placed both the original session and the interview with the client which followed.  The session is the second one on the page.. listen to that first for context.

I believe we’re now in the time of Prophecy and more things like this will happen to help us anchor the return of the light  Bring it on.  We have “work” to do!

Suzanne Interviews The Client From “A Designer of Our Reality Simulations”

* * * * *

Billie Dean is a writer and faith-keeper for the Prophecy of Peace.  She is also the founder of the social change organisation Deep Peace Trust and  co-founder of it’s sacred animal sanctuary, A Place of Peace. Her work is all about bringing in a better world with a brand new story of love and kindness and respect for all.

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Pic by: jplenio on Pixabay