image002Sign up for Animal Shamanism Level I or Level II (my online courses) in the next two days*, and you can get not one, not two, but your choice of three bonuses from me (they are listed below).

Level I is all about laying a foundation for personal development, understanding the animals in your life, and going down the path of telepathic communication with animals.  I offer a unique perspective on the natural world,  and I’m pretty sure it will resonate with your soul. It will help you become more connected with nature and animals so you can tap their wisdom for your everyday life.

“Billie’s teachings instill us with new perceptions of our own potential, transforming our old patterns and paradigms into ones of unlimited thinking and being.”
– Kayla Jakota, Adelaide

In Animal Shamanism Level II, we go further into animal communication, enriching our skills, as well as  taking a thorough look at death, dying, and divination, and learning to rely on our own intuitions and inner knowing.

So sign up for a class, and take your pick of three of the following:

Oh, and if you sign up for both Level I and Level II at the same time, you can have all eight them. This is the best deal I’ve ever offered.

How do you claim your bonuses? Sign up for the class, then send Andrew a note telling him which bonuses you would like. If you sign up for both, he’ll just set you up with them.

I do hope you will join me on a journey into the heart of animal spirituality, and bloom into the person you can be.

*Offer ends 11:59 pm (Sydney time), Wednesday 8 May 2013.