Equinox Sun

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I’m writing on the Autumn Equinox from a very wet little Avalon, which feels more Irish than country Australia. It is green, misty, cool and calm here but I feel around the planet, so much brewing.

I feel the world is so different now.   There is an energetic shift firmly in place. We have arrived on that part of the ladder that is just underneath the cloud door called the Fifth World , The Fifth Hoop, The Fifth Dimension — or perhaps simply Ascension.

If you are feeling worried about the chaos in the world, please  elevate your emotions and awareness..  Simply shine your light and stay positive because I have tapped into this New Era and it is amazing!   It is full of grace and beauty.  Going down the path of sorrow, pain, fear and anxiety will simply create more universal darkness. Instead it is time to light the lamp within and create the new, as the old falls down around us.

We are manifesting very quickly now and every good thought creates a good moment, every thought creates something   So think good thoughts and there is a world of beautiful miracles and synchronicity awaiting you. SHINE YOUR LIGHT!!  It’s really time to focus on the dream world of peace you want — that we all want.

There is also a physical shift – Japan has moved eight feet and the planet’s axis shifted from the massive earthquake and tsunami that rolled in with the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar last week.

This shift was predicted by native people’s years ago. It is part of the 2012 Phenomenon, along with the magnetic pole shift and the decrease of the earth’s electric magnetic field. It’s all happening and converging together with the Mayan Calendar to usher in our new Golden Age.  These  plus the massive solar flares and intense astrology are working on our “God” brain and our DNA, to help us make the quantum leap in evolution the whole Universe is waiting for — for humans on this beautiful planet to finally grow up into the amazing light-filled species we truly are.  It’s exciting!

Part of my soul is in Japan, flying etherically to help the beloveds in need, especially, for me, the animals and plants.  Another part functions for clients and our Sanctuary animals and family, and the other tracks the new trails in the new world we find ourselves in.

My sense is that everything we have been talking about has now entered this reality and I feel with compassion for those with no idea of what is happening. (Please give them a copy of our film This Sacred Earth: The 2012 Phenomenon – because we made it for them, for this time, from our passion and conviction that it would be needed right now to bring hope, peace and understanding to others.)

Earth Changes

The Earth Changes have long been predicted by the indigenous peoples around the world as part of the 2012 Phenomenon, clearing the way for the new energies and helping us understand what is important in life (not, for example the latest car or plastic toy!). Perhaps there is nothing more important than life itself, and the loving support of the species we live with and share our planet with. That’s us and the animals and plants. We are all Earth’s children together.

We can expect an acceleration of time (even more), disclosure about alien life, more earth changes, and a shift in awakened consciousness – and more. So hold onto your hats and keep remembering that you signed up right now to be here at this time for a reason and that reason is to OPEN your heart and LOVE. In a nutshell, it is to ascend – to become a human angel – living on Earth in a body.

I have been thinking lately about how this current scenario in Japan is both amazing from the human spirit perspective and quite scary from the Atlantean perspective. Atlantis fell when humans meddled with nature. I think our society, with its cloning, GMO, animal testing, nuclear power, HAARP and more, has gone too far. Those of us who are intelligent sensitives have known all long that these things are just not on the side of a bright and beautiful life.

Way back in the 1980’s, when the world held its breath about nuclear war, the late Sir George Trevalyn stood up on August 18, 1987 at the Harmonic Convergence in Glastonbury, England, and said that the angels and heavenly beings would intervene if nuclear war erupted, because that would throw the entire galaxy out of alignment. We are definitely not alone in this universe!

Every action has a reaction. And sometimes that reaction takes place on one of our stars. We now need to understand we are intergalactic. The animals know this.

So please hold that thought of angels and expect a miracle around the nuclear power plants in Japan and pray that all nuclear power plants around the world are shut down forever in favour of clean renewable energy. Energy that doesn’t require mining because I have long believed that just because it is in the ground of our Mother, doesn’t mean we should immediately take it like greedy children. What if our Mother needed that coal, that gold, that oil, that uranium for herself? I bet no one bothered to ask permission? Or even thought to give back to Mother Earth to keep in right relations.

How have we travelled so far from our roots – those roots of polite communion and mutual respect with Mother Earth and all her children – the other species who share this planet with us?

I have long felt we walk a fine Atlantean disaster line and it is this sense of urgency that made me want to make This Sacred Earth and other films, not yet made. Because I could sense we were toppling toward the dark side and the fall of civilisation, and I wanted to paint pictures that were bright, of a future that could come if we put certain practices into play.

It’s not too late. There is a bright and beautiful future and I won’t waiver from that. We just need to shine – right now. Each one of us.  Stay positive and stay in love, not fear.

Our film outlines a path people can follow and the more people who follow it, the more likely we are to have that peace the indigenous people told us about.

This is the time of  “dying in fear or living in faith” . So please, stay UP. Stay in faith. Trust.  Think of the Earth Changes as a wave to surf all the way to the Golden Age of  the Fifth World.

The time of Earth Changes is truly upon us. The bad news is everywhere. But out of the ashes rises a more tempered human being – one of heart and humility. Humanity’s arrogance and disconnection from nature is the thing that has to go.

I love the grace that is coming forward from the people of Japan as they work hard to support each other through their horrific crisis.  I love the communal coming together of humanity in all the crises we’ve been having.   This is typical of the New Human. Community, love, compassion, reverence, humility – imagine a world populated with those human attributes. Wouldn’t it be different from the angry, suicidal, depressed, violent world which scientific materialism has created?

The World is a Different Place

My sense right now is that the world is a very different place, and you can no longer ignore the effect of the 2012 Phenomenon. You can no longer ignore the fact that something is going on.

I give so much thanks to the people and animals and plants of Japan. Because more than any of the recent disasters, it is their horrendous loss, that has finally pierced the heart of humanity in the way that we will never be the same again.


We are living in an intense time of change. Expect the unexpected and be prepared for anything. Always have torches and candles for example. Take time out to do your spiritual work – listen to nature, watch for omens, do regular ceremony, watch your animals and be prepared to live with less. I see people growing more of their own food, and having closer communities through this time and into the future.

It is not things that matter – its love, shelter, how good you can be to each other and other species and what good you can do.

Praise, thank, love Great Spirit in all things and all people and animals.

This is the way we move forward.

Stay positive, think good thoughts – find the things that bring you joy and listen to your animals!

Predictions and Being Safe

There are many predictions going on right now and it is not about fear.  It is about staying safe and staying in love.  And honouring your intuition,  If you feel uncomfortable – move.  Listen and act on your intuition and watch the animals for signs.  Don’t ignore yourself and understand that on one level this is helping us understand we are all one.  Because how many of you felt that last big earthquake coming in your own bodies?

Here at home, I knew something big was coming because the animals were acting out.   My normally harmonious dog pack was out of sorts.  There was a tension in the air and in my own body — that wasn’t mine.  I knew it wasn’t here at home, but I knew something was happening.  I also heard  later that dogs were having seizures, others were being aggressive.   One of my friends in America has goats who always alert her to earthquakes happening anywhere in the world —  they bleat loudly.  Before New Zealand’s earthquakes, her horses too were on alert.

Animals listen and this is a skill we need to remember.  We are all connected.  We have to learn what the different sensations in our body and the cues from the animals are.  I always say to people that animal behaviour is communication.  So don’t get mad if they act out– its time to listen!

There has long been a prediction that the San Andreas fault will go, creating a tsunami that would hit the Australian east coast, that the poles will shift, that the American West coast will be under water and so will Australia’s east coast.  There’s talk of  a coming Ice Age.  There’s talk of doom and gloom everywhere.

Personally I don’t want to put energy into any of these things and hesitate to even write it.  But if you are living on fault lines and in the Pacific Ring of Fire, now is the time to be on extra alert – and perhaps consider moving if you or your animals feel uncomfortable.  Honour that feeling.

Being a safe person is about keeping your vibration high.  Really understand that the world is actually a safe and benign place — especially for those who choose to shine their light and stay in trust, faith and love.

We are in for challenging times – but take your cue from the animals –stay alert,not afraid.  And honour them. Remember if they are acting out, don’t get mad with them – they might be trying to tell you something important. LISTEN!

Finally, just remember to keep your eye on the big picture — you wouldn’t be reading this if you hadn’t already signed up to make that quantum leap in evolution at this unique time in our planet’s history.  So shed your old story, and check out what Dolores Cannon says in our film about forgiveness.

Thank you all for being shining lights, and I hope this has shed some light on what we are currently experiencing — on one level.  When you elevate your awareness, you’ll  join others who are peacefully communing with all life, enjoying their self-expression, hanging out in the natural world, exchanging veges and fruit, creatively thinking of new ways of how we can create the best and most harmonious world  we can.  See you there!

With great  love and blessings to you all and especially to those souls who have been physically touched by the Earth Changes.  Deep gratitude , great love, many blessings,

Photo credit: Dendroica cerulea