2012 and Beyond

Here in 2011, Ascension or the Great Awakening of Human Consciousness is the word on many people’s lips, as we get closer and closer to the magic solstice of December 21, 2012.  But ascension is not a thing that just happens and the 2012 Phenomenon is happening now and has been  for some time.  We are changing as a species, becoming fully realised, taking a quantum leap in evolution and from all of that, changing the way we live on the Earth.

We have the ability to walk an ascended path by walking a spiritual path.  This is a karma free path of Forgiveness, DIvine Love, Praise, Gratitude and Blessing.  This is the spiritual oath to ascension.

When you walk that path of non attachment, peace and joy, you lift your vibration or frequency and  your life shifts.  When you vibrate at a high level, the world around you shifts and you affect other beings — animals, people and the land.  We are all connected.  We are all One.

This is why it is important to follow a Heart-Centered Path, rather than a Head-Centered Path.  When you are nourished and living your authentic truth, your joy raises your vibration.

When the indigenous people talk about dreaming the world into being, they mean that we are living the nightmare of our own thoughts and to escape the nightmare, we just need to change the thoughts, because thoughts are things.  This is not always easy when we are trapped in our own story or negativity – but by understanding that the world is a mirror to our subconscious thoughts, we CAN change them and create a world of beauty for ourselves.

To learn more about the 2012 Prophecy, check out my film This Sacred Earth:The 2012 Phenomenon, which you can get from my shop. If you would like more information, see my other web site, Wild Pure Heart Productions, where there is more information about the documentary, including associated short videos.

New Era Living, Fun And Aliveness

This is a page for alternatives.   Scientific materialism has not given us the happiness we yearn for.  It has left us self destructive, sick, dis-connected from nature and each other, and very sad.

So what else can we do!!!

How about we toss away all the limited thinking and come up with some new or better ways of living that our heart and soul are yearning for!

Coming soon:

  • Home Schooling
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Love And New Era Couples
  • Growing Your Own Food
  • Community
  • Fun – Music- Arts