November 10, 2011

This is the second part of a two-part series on the 11/11/11 Gateway. You might like to check out part one, as well as this video about the 11/11/11 opportunity.

Clouds and Light

I was walking the dogs in the green back hills of my home, and as usual the wind and the trees were talking to me. I was told to “be aware but not afraid”. I was also told to embody peace and know that the fifth dimension was already here. So the tree/wind guidance was to make decisions and actions from that beautiful place of the fifth dimension, and this was everything I had been sensing.

The 11/11/11 gateway is almost upon us and you might be feeling  its impending with a drum roll. I am!

The weather here in our own little Avalon is unsettled and restless, yet I sense a downpouring of light and hope. In my own self I am incredibly excited for the changes this gateway will bring. And I have learnt to trust the feelings within my body.

Look at the photo above that I snapped just recently showing the dark is all around, but look at those rays of light pouring onto the planet! How can anyone not be moved to grace and peace and gratitude for this amazing second chance that we have? And that’s what it feels like – a second chance to create a planet of beauty and harmony and peace.

I have heard on the spiritual grapevine that we need more people who are lightworkers to become lighter! Please understand that in order for this amazing evolutionary shift called the 2012 Phenomenon to take place, that personal work is needed urgently!!

And perhaps “work” is the wrong word here, because that feels hard. And dropping your stuff, forgiving all those who you perceived as wronging you, trusting in your I AM, and living in integrity so that you don’t create any more karma – is actually pretty easy if you choose it to be. And the lighter you become as you drop all that old baggage, the more joyful your life becomes.

Simply look at your judgements – if you are still judging others, then that is something within to look at. Because that is something inside you, that is reflected in the outer world.

There is no karma in the new world. So drop yours now!!

I have been teaching that people need to focus on whatever makes them feel happy, but I’ve decided that happy is too elusive and fleeting for most people and to really help the planet now, we have to find peace.

Peace can be sitting on a park bench in the sun, dancing in the rain, meditating for 10 minutes, creating a beautiful meal, watching a great movie with friends and family, listening to music, reading a book, being out in the garden. Surfing. Peace and contentment comes from honouring the heart decisions and doing what nourishes and nurtures you.

But further this concept of peace has to include the animals in our lives. And the perpetuation of the old groove in the record of dining on the dead flesh of our brothers and sisters, is not peace for us or them. It also creates karma for those who participate in the murder of innocents for the sake of money. Because that is all the mass food industry is about really. Souls, sentience and true health and happiness just doesn’t come into it.

So it really is time to go vegan. Suffering does not belong in the new world of the higher dimensions, and that includes the animals.

I love raw food vegan, and at home Andrew and I are back to smoothies twice a day. It suits the temple of the ultra-sensitive to ingest lighter and lighter foods in preparation for a time when we will need no food or be able to manifest our own.

The world has shifted again since the end of the ninth wave of the Mayan Calendar according to Carl Calleman’s work. The old world has already gone, even as there are billions of people stuck in the old record groove of the past. It is past. It is dense and draconian.  A person of more refined energy looks at the world without judgement but cannot be a part of it — cannot condone what is going on any longer, and so we get social revolution as we all stand up and say “no” to the old and begin to walk a more compassionate, peaceful path. Or, others might just enjoy every moment of the new today, right now. Right now!

My guidance from my trees is to embody this peace with every breath and action. And my trees are very old and very wise! And they also said we had to act as if we are in the fifth dimension already. So wise! They want us to send our roots down deep into the earth as we receive the downloads of light coming. This means we, like the trees, become part of the earth’s transformation, as we too are transformed.

Because there will be millions of people around the planet meditating on this day of peace (11/11/11), the light will be awesome. So it makes sense to make sure you are grounded into the earth like a tree, so you don’t float away like a balloon! Further, you act in service to Mother Earth when you do this, becoming a human transmitter. If everyone around the globe does this with intention, Mother Earth will receive waves of divine love and peace and light, and hopefully the rest of her ascension into the higher dimension will be easier. We have to remember we are One with her, and our anger and negativity and stress affects her. So please do what you can to embody the higher frequencies of love and peace.

And like I said, this path must include animals as well, and this is what I am teaching in my school Rainbow Fianna.

It is like the old dense world of hurting the Mother and animals and each other is being peeled away from the people who have been waking up to the truth of who we really are.  I see it like a ghost, an etheric imprint of the past still echoing, but will fade in time as people wake up and become lighter and more refined.  This old dense world must not be focused on now. Focus on the light and beauty that we all are. In this way we free the animals. And in freeing them, we free ourselves. Remember what you focus on, expands.

Downloads of Light

I have been asked to lead a meditation for 11/11/11 and I sat with that request for a while, but my guidance was still that I needed to completely focus on the day and the energies it is bringing. I needed to hold and ground the energies for our home and the Place of Peace animals.  Instead I recorded a small video for people to listen to if they want. See above in the intro to this blog for the video link.   It ended up not having a meditation as such – but it might give you insight into some new thinking.

I have received a mountain of information about this special day which is also the Full Moon in Taurus. So it is a time for endings, for completion. A good day for ceremony, for song, for inner work, for meditating on peace, and consciously leaving behind what no longer serves you.

It is an open door for light and it depends where you are on the evolutionary ladder how you will experience it. Do yourself and the planet a favour and experience it with peace and joy, focussing on the world we all want – one of harmonious relations with all of life as we step into Oneness.

Faith, not fear , love not fear – for everyone — especially as the old world may collapse like a house of cards.  This is a time of extreme social revolution and it is a clearing away of the old, to prepare for the canvas of the new.w

I have been experiencing extreme fatigue, which at first I put down to the outpouring of energy I did at the recent Conscious Living Expo. But in my dream states, I am travelling and teaching and checking out new landscapes, and familiar ones in the other worlds. And from others  I have heard reports that many are feeling this fatigue so I am putting it down to yet another ascension symptom.

I feel different – empty inside, like a vacuum has come and sucked out all the old, and filled it with starlight.

I’m ready for miracles! The energy feels so alive and so wonderful.

My understanding of the fifth dimension is that we will be no longer operating from the lower chakras of survival and fear. And I have been talking about this with my students as we all prepare for the new dimension. When I shamanically journeyed to 2017 a few years ago, the energy of the world I inhabited was soft and gentle and we lived from the heart chakra upwards. That feels so different from the fear based civilisation we now inhabit. So please know that things are going to change dramatically –if we let it!!

So there is much advice about the 11/11/11 shift – from considering the animals, grounding yourself in nature, harmonising with the symphony of the universe, focussing on beauty and gratitude and embodying peace. Know that the old world is on its way out, and the new can be embraced with joy. Watch your thoughts, keeping them positive, because as you know, your thoughts create your world. So focus on the world you want, not the world as it was. What we focus on expands, so think and embody peace, love and happiness, and watch it grow around you!!

In Deep Peace and great Love,


 Billie Dean is an internationally recognised interspecies telepath, animal and peace advocate and award-winning creative artist.  She  is the author of Secret Animal Business, and  an independent filmmaker of inspiring and heart-warming films about animals and peace.  Billie runs a transformational on-line school Rainbow Fianna  teaching animal communication with an eclectic blend of native  and visionary wisdom to help people evolve into the human angels animals need them to be.     With her husband and daughter, Billie runs A Place of Peace Animal Sanctuary and  she founded  The Billie Dean International Deep Peace Organisation, a not-for-profit organsiation to promote peace and freedom for all animals through the arts, education and compassionate action.  www.billiedean.com 

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