October 24, 2011

This is the first part of a two-part series on the 11/11/11 Gateway. You might like to check out part two, as well as this video about the 11/11/11 opportunity.

I’m so excited to be launching The Billie Dean International Deep Peace Organisation and it’s Deep Peace Movement on 11/11/11 — a very special day for peace on the planet.

“Deep Peace for All Species” is the catch cry for this not-for-profit  set up to expand our work of education through the arts and also compassionate action for animals.   It promotes freedom and peace for animals, so they no longer have to live in fear.  I chose 11/11/11 for the international launch because thousands of people will be focussed on peace on that day.

11/11/11 is the portal and opportunity we have been waiting for.  My personal spiritual guidance has been to pencil in nothing for this day, except meditation and ceremony, time with the family, and stillness.

I know many other people were picking that up as well — they just want to be home with their animals, sitting in quietness, focused on peace and not distracted by the lower energies of the outside world busyness.

We’ve all been guided to this day seeing 11:11 on our clocks, watches and phones for a long, long time.

In a recent communion with our trees , they told me that ceremony was very important, and that the times of the full and the new moons were extra special these days.  Can’t you feel that!  There’s no sleeping for this bush elf during a full moon anymore!  The light is so intense.

The next full moon is on 11/11/11.  So I will be doing a candle ceremony for 11 minutes at 11 am to launch our Deep Peace Movement, and join in a huge global grid of people working towards peace on the planet through a wide variety of meditations.

11/11/11 is a great day to think about that, because our thoughts of peace and change will be intensified by the field of resonance.  Most people will be thinking about peace for people.  Join me in extending that to the animal world.

11/11/11 is a great day to go within.  It’s a day of completions (the full moon)  and beginnings.  A great day to infuse yourself with Divine Love, and Light and settle into the stillness of Deep Peace.  By doing this you will tap into the grid like a transmitter.  You dont  have to do anything else or direct it anywhere except for the Highest Good.  Each one of us radiating the light of peace is like an acupuncture point of peace for our Mother Earth wherever we are.  This is why this event is global.  So that those of us who are lightworkers all over the world, can focus on peace and herald in the next step of our quantum leap in evolution and the prophecy of peace.

The animals have been talking a lot about the grid lately. This is a grid of light which runs around the earth in much the same way as ley lines or meridians in the body.

Animals are also working with this grid, holding it and infusing it with their light.

The grid has come up in many animals conversations recently.  Benji, our beloved alpaca who passed recently showed me walls of dancing  light prisms — a crystalline grid of light.  He said: “Animals are love.  We hold the energetic structure in place — the light.  We counter humanity’s density.  If we werent balancing the scale, humanity would sink.”

I’ve been hearing this kind of thing from the animals a lot lately – hence my desire to push ahead with our educational work through our organisation. (see billiedean.com for more info on this)

I was also told that it was important to have fun and joy — even more so than normal — and this doesn’t mean deadening ourselves with drugs and alcohol.  This is the pure joy of being truly alive and radiating that joy of self expression and love.

I had one of those dreams you know is spirit talking to you recently, in which a man said  that the meaning of life was to give birth and there was an image of men carrying babies saying that was right because they learnt they couldn’t hurt babies.

To me this was rich with the symbolism of the end of the era of violence.  Violence lurks within the human species no matter what gender, but I have found women, for example, to be on the whole, far more gentle when it comes to understanding animals.  (Lots of exceptions I know — I’m speaking broadly!)  Our dog Kai was frightened of men and hated them looking at him. This was a challenge in dog-speak.   Men would get their ego in the way and reckon they could pat him because they were “good with dogs”, (Kai didnt like strangers patting him) or they would get into a rage because he growled at them.  I was always shocked at their violence.  Women on the other hand would instinctively win his trust and scratch him under the chin without looking at him.

However my dream appeared to be more than I surmised and my dog Willow told me: “It is not the meaning of life to give birth to others, but to give birth to yourself.  If you do not grow spiritually, you have missed the point of being on this planet.

She said humans who are awake” understand there is more to life than TV, explore the inner and outer worlds and strives to be the best they can be, wary of their darker nature, taming it like a wild horse, and letting the true wild horses run free.

“The awakened are gentle souls who see other species for who they really are — other souls.”

She had a lot more to say, but told me to put that in the book I’m currently writing.  She said she liked the idea of  being in a book!

My sense is 11-11-11 is going to be a day out of time that will be unique.  So make sure you spend it doing something you love, and taking time out for meditation and reflection in nature, and with your beloveds – people and  animals.

At 11 pm that evening I will also be holding a Divine Love Healing Circle for animals, working for and with the animals.

I’ve also been told to expect a possible mass disappearance of animals.  My sense is that they are going to the fifth dimension, so don’t worry.  I’ve been told to really understand surrender/letting go, and to be in the moment.  When we stay in the moment we don’t go into any fear because fear belongs to tomorrow, which hasn’t happened yet and may not happen the way you fear it will, so why bother!

Focus on what makes you happy.  Focus on being grateful for choosing to be here at this exciting time!

Really, each person will experience this day differently because everyone is at different levels of the evolution process.  But the world is definitely changing and changing rapidly.  And that is something that nobody can deny.  Those of us who understand the big picture of the 2012 phenomenon can put the changes into perspective and be excited by them.  Others are not so lucky,

Right now we are at the end of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar, according to the work of Carl Calleman.   It ends on October 28, after starting a huge year  of change from March 9, with the Japanese tsunami shortly afterwards.

As the light poured into us from intense solar flare activity, the dark came up for healing and release.  There seems to be a sharper contrast between the new, refined energies and the old, coarse, dense energies of the third dimension.  We see this with the medical and veterinary professions, and old school “authority” mindset who, for example, killed innocent ponies and a family dog, and are trying to kill more family dogs with ridiculous breed rulings. Plus there was the horrible murder of millions of animals overseas, and I’m not even going to go into all the painful things we have been forced to witness this year.  It is unacceptable and we can no longer let it happen to our fellow species .  We are all brothers and sisters, children of our great Mother Earth.  Enough is enough.

Hearts have been challenged and tested, and we are now in a time of the survival of the emotionally fittest.  Emotionally fit folks can surf a big wave to the shore.   They don’t get sick, and ill-health is certainly taking out a lot of humans.

So shed, shed, shed your old stories and resentments and grudges and petty jealousies and see everything and everyone as a soul on a journey needing love or giving love.  As Willow says, it’s time to be gentle.

In my school, I offer students tools to help them through this period, and also a sense of community so no one feels alone. I hope this blog will help people as well.   It’s a big thing this birthing of a new humanity, and humankind has been so dense and so crass and so cruel for so long, that it is taking a lot of work to change us.  We need to forgive and let go, as Dolores Cannon says in our film This Sacred Earth.

My heart is brimming over with gratitude for the souls who chose to come into animal forms to help us open our hearts and lead us Home to our more fully realised selves.

Under an intense Uranus/Pluto influence, as it was in the 1960s, we are seeing rapid social change giving us The New Earth!!  If you are holding onto the old ways of living and being in the world, you will have a rough ride to shore.

The trick is not to fear. Instead get creative! We all need to change with the times, and the shift for this age is to be transparent, happy, peaceful and authentic in your business.  It’s time for vegan/raw food, visionary green eco-living, for the end of cruelty to animals and treating Mother Earth with disrespect and disregard.  So move your life in the direction of sensitive, kind, and compassionate!  And also fun. Take dance lessons!

If you can raise your vibration through gratitude and joy and understanding what gives you that gratitude and joy, then life will expand into magical moments to treasure forever.  It’s the moments that make it!

The end of the Ninth Wave  comes at a time of the thinning of the veils – Beltane in the southern hemisphere and Samhain in the northern hemisphere.

Some people feel that the veil might not just be very thin, it might disappear altogether.  So be prepared for anything to happen.  To see the unseen!  And will it be the traditional three days that these portals open, or will it be forever, launching us into a new time? Who knows?

Participate in the change with open-hearted curiosity and excitement.  What’s next Universe??

Samhain is when the spirits walk, and Beltane is a time for love!  Both are wonderful opportunities for a huge shift.

I’ve heard several people say there could be a mass exodus of spirit guides as we step into owning our own Divine Nature.  Time to lose the training wheels!  Personally, I’m not keen to lose all my friends in the Otherworld, but I understand the importance of stepping fully into our I AM consciousness.  So perhaps we can make choices and ask Otherworld friends to be friends while stepping up our I AM and unbuckling the training wheels.   This means knowing that we are god/goddess incarnate and we are responsible for everything happening in our life.  We get to drive the car.  We get to be responsible for our multidimensionality.  We get to really awaken to understanding our true nature as a soul, a spark of infinite consciousness.

By doing this, we get to awaken to our Oneness, understanding we are all part of this consciousness – from ants and trees to bears and lions and dogs and cats and horses and birds and fish.  So when you eat the flesh of another, when you hurt another, you are hurting yourself. People can’t make excuses anymore. This is what it means to evolve.

I hope this next shift is an easier passage – but I guess it all depends where people are on the evolutionary ladder.  The times are demanding we wake up.  But my work with animals shows me so many animals having  hard time in the homes of stressed out humans.   So I urge  people to choose to be compassionate towards their beloved animal companions instead of taking their stress out on them.

Do what you can to breath, ground yourself in nature, love hugely, and acknowledge your animals every day.

And please spread the word that it is not okay to kill animals through euthanasia, just “because”.  It is challenging for me to hear all the stories of people and vets making these decisions just to kill, kill, kill because of so many small reasons.  We have no right to take the life of others this way, as if their life didn’t matter.   Humanity has to become more responsible for their emotions and actions and commitment to other species.  Arrgh!

For me, it is like living through a kind of war.  Nobody knows when the next “bomb” will come from.  So it makes living more intense.  It makes loving more intense.  And awakened humans live this way, with vital aliveness!!  We have been suppressed and conditioned to accept such small lives.  It’s time to say no to that, and break free .

It’s time to be at peace — deep peace.

Things are rapidly on the move now, like a snowball gathering momentum down the mountain, like a surfer reaching for the  crest of the wave —    So enjoy the  end of the ninth wave, raise your vibration with open-hearted goodness, joy, song, dance and compassion for all species.  Understand there is an open portal from October 28 to November 11, and that light is flooding the planet.  So support the animals and the other lightworkers, and radiate your personal light as well.  We are all transmitters – so transmit a high vibration!!  Gaia loves humans who are  peace and love, and you can choose to be  love  and peace at every moment by focussing on all the things you love and are grateful for, and reaching for that still pond deep inside.

Until next time-

Deep peace to you.

Billie Dean

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